Berkhamsted Group, Pre-Prep | 06.10.2023

Year One time travel to the Victorian Era!

Year One time travel to the Victorian Era!

“It feels like I am really in history!” says a Year 1 pupil over the excited chatter of Pre-Prep pupils as they head back in time for their History Off the Page Seaside Workshop.  

Each year, Berkhamsted Pre-Prep welcomes the team at History Off the Page, an organisation that offers interactive history sessions to enhance pupils’ learning beyond the classroom. Since our Year 1 pupils are discovering all about the Victorians and the history of the seaside in class, this session brought their learning to life.  

The day began with craft sessions that developed pupils’ fine motor skills and introduced them to the kinds of pastimes that were popular in the Victorian era. From writing postcards to decorating shell boxes, Year 1 was able to get creative and craft some fantastic historical souvenirs!  

Rotating across workstations in small groups, pupils collaborated with their peers and brainstormed some imaginative creations. “I’m drawing a pirate ship!” said another Year 1 as he sketched a design on a mug. Over at the postcard station, a pupil thought ahead to who she’d be sharing her creation with “I can’t wait to send my postcard to my mum and dad!” 

But it wouldn’t feel like the pupils were really back in time without the outfit to match! To complete the authentic Victorian experience, pupils came to school dressed in their best top hats and petticoats.  

While this all sounds like play, Year 1 teacher, Ms Daisy Goldhagen, explains that the day is about a lot more than that. “Since Year 1 are currently learning about the seaside and the Victorian period in their lessons, History Off the Page enhances pupil’s learning by helping them to grasp what life was like in the Victorian Era while developing their fine motor skills during crafty breakout sessions.” Through this seemingly innocent play session, our pupils are enhancing their cognitive and social skills while discovering the past on a personal level.  

After lunch, it was time for Year 1 to become customers as they headed to the ‘Pier Cafe’, ‘The Bank’, and ‘The Photographer’s Shop’ where they could practise numeracy skills by spending their money across the fun stations.  

We hope Year 1 enjoyed the opportunity to embrace their historical curiosity while making lifelong memories.  

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