Berkhamsted Group, Pre-Prep, Prep | 28.02.2024

Creative Arts Week at the Pre-Prep 

Creative Arts Week at the Pre-Prep 

A child’s creativity is enriched by opportunities to interact with art and the world around them. That’s why Berkhamsted (a group of independent schools in Hertfordshire) annually hosts Creative Arts Week at the Pre-Prep. Across one week, pupils enjoy child-centred imaginative activities from painting and dancing to learning traditional Chinese instruments.  


French Celebration Day  

Creative Arts Week at the Pre-Prep commenced with pupils learning a new language and culture. From learning to speak French to eating French cuisine, pupils had opportunities to discover a new part of the world without leaving the school gates! Instead, France came to Pre-Prep as the Year 6 Language Ambassadors served pastries to Stepping Stones before leading a French-themed quiz with Reception (while wearing their best red berets).  

Painting Day  

On Tuesday, pupils created some fantastic paintings through sensory processing art. Year 1 enjoyed painting with pipettes which tuned their fine motor skills. Since pupils have little control over how their absorbed painting will turn out, they learn to be adaptable and creative in their approach to learning.  

Up in Year 2, pupils took inspiration from famous artists’ work before emulating these designs for themselves.  

Music Day  

On Wednesday, it was time to celebrate the creative art of music and pupils were visited by a musician who introduced them to Chinese instruments like the Erhu. Building on China Day which pupils celebrated in January, pupils played new instruments, learned traditional Chinese ribbon dancing, and experimented with new rhythms and beats.  

Dance Day  

Creative Arts Week at the Pre-Prep ended with a special visit from Lemon Jelly, a performing arts Drama School run by LAMDA professionals. Pupils learned the steps to a coordinated dance routine while bonding with peers. Pupils enjoyed dancing to Ed Sheeran alongside the Year 6 Creative Arts Ambassadors who visited the Pre-Prep and demonstrated remarkable dance skills that the younger years can aspire to as they rise through our schools!   

Creative Arts Week built bonds between year groups across Berkhamsted’s Pre-Prep and Prep schools while awakening pupils’ creativity, imagination, and ability to express themselves, each of which is vital in pupils’ early years development.

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