Berkhamsted Group, Pre-Prep | 12.12.2023

Let the festivities commence! Stepping Stones’ Stick Man Walk

Let the festivities commence! Stepping Stones’ Stick Man Walk

It’s officially the countdown to Christmas and Stepping Stones kicked off the festivities with a joyful stickman walk through the woodlands. This frosty Friday morning our pupils and parents headed to the Haresfoot Campus for an hour of songs, Santa, and snow!

“Last year the children loved the experience, and the parents told us it was a wonderful and magical start to their festive season and a cherished memory of their child’s first Christmas in school,” explains Mrs Cooper, Head of Stepping Stones.

The trail through the woodlands immersed pupils in the ‘Stick Man’ story they have been reading in class. Stick Man by Julia Donaldson follows the main character, Stick Man, as he adventures through the seasons hoping to get home for Christmas. To bring the tale to life, pupils got out of their comfort zone and performed festive songs to parents while embracing adventure and trailing through the woods!

After waving hello to the soft play dog who greeted pupils on their arrival to Haresfoot, pupils faced their first obstacle: a wooden bridge leading into the woodlands. Each pupil aimed high and made it over the bridge with the help of parents and Pre-Prep staff! Afterwards, pupils waved hello to an inflatable swan buried in the bushes. The inflatable creature represented the naughty bird who steals Stick Man in Donaldson’s tale.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a little snow! While it may not have been forecast, our Pre-Prep team organised a snow machine to blast bubbles through the woodlands to create a magical winter wonderland. Pupils were delighted as they twirled and ran across the wintery scene.

“It’s time for the finale” shouted a Stepping Stones pupil as they gathered around the campfire for hot chocolate and cookies. But as they heard jingle bells and “ho ho hos” in the distance, pupils realised there was a final treat in store. “We have a big surprise!” exclaimed teachers as Santa emerged from the trees. Squeals of joy then filled the woods as Father Christmas greeted the pupils. During his short visit, pupils asked Santa lots of big questions, most importantly, “where’s Rudolf?” To which Santa explained his reindeer were taking a well-deserved nap in the Haresfoot woodlands!

After Santa headed back to the North Pole and everyone enjoyed a final sing-song to ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’, pupils reunited with their proud parents. Throughout the trial, pupils were able to perform for their parents and adventure into the unknown, preparing them for the many opportunities for adventure and aspiration during their time at Berkhamsted. We hope this was a magical start to the Christmas period for our pupils and parents alike!

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