Berkhamsted Group | 24.03.2023

Bright. Young. Things.

Bright. Young. Things.

This term saw Year 9 perform Georgia Christou’s play Bright. Young. Things. Following six young people who are competing on a reality show to be crowned “Britain’s Brainiest Child”, the play is funny, fast-moving, and full of moments that allow all actors involved to shine. It was a challenge to take on but, over three nights in March, the Year 9 pupils involved certainly rose to that challenge.

This was in no small part due to the hard work of Director Miss Jarvis and Assistant Directors Amelia and Maddy (Year 12), who spent many hours running rehearsals and ensuring that the cast were as prepared as they could be. Fast-paced shows like Bright. Young. Things. require close attention to detail, to ensure that no jokes or important details are lost in delivery; this required close focus from the cast and those playing main roles. With cast members on stage throughout the show – seated to one side of the stage or in the case of those playing the sinister Producers, on a platform at the back – focus had to be maintained at all times.

The hard work of the directors and the persistence of the cast certainly paid off. The Centenary Theatre audience were treated to a show that not only produced plenty of laughs, but also got those watching to think about more serious matters such as the price of success, the pervasiveness of reality TV, and themes of self-doubt and individuality. The whole cast, but especially those in the main roles (Eliza K, Jemima S, Poppy D, Izzy M, Lewis G and Genevieve G), did very well in balancing these more serious themes with the show’s many humorous moments – no easy task. Many of those humorous moments were provided by the actors playing the Presenters, who also did an excellent job of maintaining the show’s energy and pace.

Bright. Young. Things. took place within a simple but highly effective set created by theatre technician Mr Cross. A large platform at the back of the stage – from where the Producers  looked down on proceedings – served as a projection screen onto which the names of each scene could be displayed, while plenty of LED lights on stage helped add to the game show feel. Six simple blocks and clever use of the theatre’s lighting allowed scenes to swiftly switch between locations in a way that felt fluid and dynamic. With a student-led tech team, the show once again illustrated the range of opportunities available in school productions. Involvement is not just confined to the stage!

With over 30 pupils involved onstage and off, Bright. Young. Things. was a real showcase of the depth of talent in Year 9, and a meaningful, humorous and highly relevant piece of theatre; all involved can be very proud of themselves.


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