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Centenary Theatre

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Here at Centenary Theatre we pride ourselves on providing professional events and services. From small scale drama performances to full capacity Battle of the Bands. The venue is equipped to rival West End theatres in terms of capacity, staff and, of course, equipment.

You can read the discussion we had about the Centenary Theatre with Theatre Manager, Andrew Ibbott here.


Hire Details

The Centenary Theatre in Berkhamsted is a 479 seat contemporary theatre opened in 1991 to mark the centenary of Berkhamsted Girls’ School. The theatre is incredibly well-equipped with facilities to rival, if not outshine many theatres in the surrounding area. Our service and feedback really does speak for itself. Should you be interested in hiring our facilities then do not hesitate to get in touch today and pop in for a visit to discuss how we can make your event shine.

Contact the Theatre

For enquiries please email our commercial manager Clare Kaye or phone 01442 358000

Customer Feedback

We’ve had some incredible feedback from the audience. Some of them were really taken aback by the slick, professional delivery on the night and really thought they were in the West End!

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"Thank you to Andrew for helping to make it a great show, providing professional sound and lighting to bring out the best in our performers! Look forward to the next one!"

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"Once again, you managed to produce a memorable production for all performers, The Hospice and the audience."

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"Everyone has been raving about the show and the quality of sound, lighting and organisation. They keep asking me how did we get it ready with no technical run and in such a short time on the Friday. So I tell them that we work with the best."

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