Berkhamsted Group | 15.11.2017

Engaging Shakespeare experience enjoyed by Prep pupils

Engaging Shakespeare experience enjoyed by Prep pupils

Year 5 and 6 pupils have participated in an exceptional workshop on the theme of William Shakespeare. The experience was led by five professional actors from the Young Shakespeare Company and was themed on ‘Hamlet’, the tragic play written between 1599 and 1602.

Pupils transformed themselves into characters from the play and became actively involved in the performance. They also explored the characters thoughts, feelings and motives through a variety of drama and language activities.

“The lady doth protest too much”

The acting aside, there was no protesting from the Prep audience, who fully embraced the unique opportunity to develop their English and Drama skills.

Throughout the day, all of the children had the opportunity to speak and enjoy Shakespeare’s words.

Prep School Head of English Louise Galler organised the event. She said “This was a fantastic day which the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed! It was wonderful to see the children actively engaging in Shakespeare in a fun and enthusiastic way.”


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