Berkhamsted Group, Boys, Girls, Pre-Prep, Prep, Sixth Form | 30.03.2023

Easter Services mark the end of Lent term

Easter Services mark the end of Lent term

The final day of term saw all schools in the Berkhamsted community marking the occasion with a series of Easter Services which allowed the opportunity for all to reflect upon and mark the end of another busy term.

The day began with an Easter Service in St Peter’s Church, Berkhamsted and attended in person by Sixth pupils and staff. In addition, the service was livestreamed to pupils and staff at the Girls and Boys Schools, allowing all to enjoy the thought-provoking sermon by Esther Swaffield as well as the wonderful performances by the choir and brass band. It was a great way for the Senior and Sixth to have a shared focal point and sense of community.

Meanwhile, the Pre-Prep held their Easter Assembly, where the children and their parents were treated to some live music performances by pupils from the Senior and Sixth. The children then shared their highlights of the term as well as a host of readings, songs and musical performances and a talk from Reverend Markby; a very lovely service enjoyed by all.

Heatherton marked the end of term with their awards assembly, where certificates and cups were presented. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements and growth of the girls this term. It was a busy morning for the Senior and Sixth bands as they played at Heatherton’s assembly too.

In the afternoon, the Prep School held their Easter Service in the chapel at the Boys School. The service was a great way for the whole school to gather, enjoy hymns, and listen to a sermon by Miss Hopkins. She focused on the parallels between the scene in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe when Aslan comes back to life and the account of Jesus coming back to life in the Bible, showing how hope can still exist in impossible situations.

All of these services allowed for a moment of calm and reflection, as well as a chance for our school communities to come together before all go their separate ways for the holidays at the end of another busy term.

We wish all in our school communities a calm and restful Easter period.

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