Berkhamsted Group, Prep | 22.04.2024

Science Morning at Berkhamsted Prep

Science Morning at Berkhamsted Prep

Year 5s in Berkhamsted School Prep Science enjoyed an entire morning outside of the classroom and completed immersive tasks that honed their teamwork, memory, and creativity skills.

The children got creative while learning the laws of physics by designing, testing, and adjusting their own balloon-powered cars!

The next activity combined science and art as pupils were tasked to recreate Mr Macpherson’s decorated box from memory alone. This task was useful in testing pupils’ retrieval practice- a skill that will become even more vital as pupils progress to senior school.

While we couldn’t send the Year 5s into space, we brought space to the pupils! The children gathered in an inflatable dome in the Centenary Theatre that projected an immersive image of space. Throughout the session, pupils learned all about the earth’s place in the solar system and the planets that neighbour ours. Pupils left the session with a strong eagerness to learn more about the mysterious space that exists beyond our planet!

Berkhamsted Prep Science morning gave Year 5 an excellent opportunity to understand the range of disciplines that lead into science. By combining art, memory retrieval, and physics, the students left the session with a greater understanding of what science really involves!

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