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Academic Results 2018 – Student Profiles

Academic Results 2018 – Student Profiles

Eloise Groves – Berkhamsted Sixth

A*, A*, A*, A (English Literature, French, Art, Maths)

Eloise, the Head Girl, a keen Lacrosse player, singer and talented artist who won the Shine Award for the best illustration for a magazine cover is looking forward to reading English at Cambridge University.

Eloise chose four A Level subjects that she was passionate about which made studying throughout Year 12 and 13 rewarding and enjoyable. However, with five academically exceptional applications for every place available at Cambridge, it takes more than just grades to stand out.

“If you manage your time effectively, you can really make the most of Berkhamsted School. Music, sport, DofE and INK (student magazine ) were all memorable parts of Sixth Form life for me, as well as my studies. Some of my favourite moments were lived during the many House competitions.”

Edmund Wilson – Berkhamsted Sixth

A*, A*, A*, D1 (equivalent to a high A*) (Maths, Politics, History, Philosophy) and A* in EPQ.

In June Edmund also achieved the highest possible mark from Cambridge International for Cambridge Pre-U Philosophy & Theology.

Edmund recognises that securing his place at the University of Cambridge took years of hard work and was helped by excellent teaching and the support of the school community.

He will study Human, Social and Political Sciences having achieved impeccable A Level results.

“Berkhamsted has provided us with a plethora of activities and opportunities ranging from musical ensembles and thrilling theatrical productions to gigs and concerts. Additional lectures and academic opportunities such as the Extended Project Qualification have helped me discover my intellectual passions. I now look forward to seeing where this next exciting stage leads me. I also hope to continue performing in musical and theatrical productions as these experiences are incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.”

Izzie Green – Berkhamsted Sixth

A* A* A* D1 (equivalent to a high A*) (Economics, English Literature, EPQ, Philosophy and Theology)

Izzie’s flawless results surpassed even the high level of expectation she placed upon herself. Izzie was self-motivated to achieve a place at Durham to study English and Philosophy.

Performing in the School orchestra and choir, winning the School debating competition and competing in Lacrosse fixtures all happened alongside her academic studying.

“I’ve been at Berkhamsted since I was four years old. I’ve embraced many opportunities, deputy head girl this year, passing grade 8 flute, singing, and I was also involved when the Queen visited the School. I came out of my last exam feeling like hard work should pay off. It’s only on results day when you do realise what you have actually achieved. It’s incredibly rewarding,  I’m proud of myself and proud to have attended School at Berkhamsted”

Sam Quinn – Berkhamsted Sixth

A* A* A (Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

Sam’s excellent grades only tells half the story. He has fully embraced Sixth Form life at Berkhamsted.

Whilst keeping academic work as his top priority, he managed to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and represent the School 1st team at Rugby and Cricket.  He has secured a place to study Chemical Physics at the University of Bristol.

“I’ve really enjoyed my education at Berkhamsted, and I’m chuffed with the results I’ve achieved. Going to Bristol will certainly be a new chapter. I am looking forward to the new style of learning and living independently away from home.”

Eleanor Bevan 10A* – Berkhamsted Girls

Eleanor has been a fantastic representative for Kings in her role as House Captain of Russell, and has shown great initiative by taking a lead in St John’s Boarding House during her time in the Senior School. In Year 11, Eleanor achieved her LAMDA Acting Duologue Grade 7 and is awaiting her results for Grade 8, as well as making a fantastic contribution to school sports representing Berkhamsted in Netball, Lacrosse and Swimming. In addition, she has gained her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.  

“The best thing about Berkhamsted Girls has been the friendships I have made.  The atmosphere is so friendly and supportive, teachers are really invested in you doing well and the best part is they really want you to achieve your best.”  Eleanor is moving on to Sixth Form at St Alban’s School. 

James Green (12A* including HPQ)   Berkhamsted Boys

James is a talented pupil who has undertaken many different opportunities at Berkhamsted.  An outstanding House Captain for Tilman who also starred in School Drama productions, winning the Actor of the Year trophy during his time in the Senior School.  James has also represented the School Debating team at prestigious competitions including those held at the Oxford and Cambridge Unions.  He regularly represented the School in sport, both in Eton Fives and Rugby where he played for the U16A team.  Aside from his studies James has completed his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze during Year 11 and has been the driving force behind a successful fundraising event too. 

 “I am really pleased with my results; the hard work has really paid off. I was hoping to do well but I never expected to do this well! Berkhamsted has been brilliant; I am really grateful for the opportunities that have been on offer and I have tried to make the most of them. There have been many memorable events, but I have especially enjoyed occasions on stage for dramatic performances and with the choir. It has been a challenge to balance studies and everything else but an incredibly rewarding few years. I’ll look back on my time at the Boys’ school with great fondness.” James will be joining Berkhamsted Sixth in September. 

Emma Savage 10A* (Right) – Berkhamsted Girls

Emma has been a superb House Captain, helping to establish the new Girls’ School House, Stephenson, and leading them to victory in the Performing Arts competition. She is a talented sportswoman, who has represented the School in many sports including playing for 1st XII Lacrosse and helping the tennis team to the National finals of the Aberdare Cup, whilst training outside of School as a member of the England U19 Lacrosse squad. Emma is currently the School Record holder for the Javelin in Athletics. She has been a member of the Orchestra throughout her time at Berkhamsted not only delighting audiences but also using her talents as a cellist and singer to raise money for charities including Teenage Cancer Trust and MIND. 

“I am super excited with the results I have achieved.  The hard work has paid off and now I can relax!  I have really enjoyed being at Berkhamsted Girls and making many friends.  I have been especially lucky to be part of the new girls House for this year, Stephenson, supporting the younger pupils during all the House events which has been really fun and offered lots of teamwork.  I love it here.”  Emma is moving onto Berkhamsted Sixth. 

Alice Taylor 10A* (Left) – Berkhamsted Girls

As well as being a very strong academic performer, Alice has also represented the School in Equestrian, Tennis and Lacrosse teams. She has excelled in show jumping achieving success both for the School team and as an individual. Alice has successfully gained her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award during Year 11.  

“I was shocked to see my results but really happy with them.  I have really enjoyed Berkhamsted Girls which has provided me with a wide range of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Classes are with different pupils in the year group, so you get to learn with a range of people and make many friends.”  Alice is leaving Berkhamsted to take up an academic scholarship to Rugby School.  


Toby Thompson 11A* – Berkhamsted Boys

An Academic Scholar at Berkhamsted, Toby has been fully involved in all that school life has offered.  He has participated in several School productions, and regularly represented Berkhamsted as part of the Hockey and Rugby teams.  Toby completed his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze in Year 11, while managing to study for his wide range of GCSEs.   

 “I am so shocked – although I was hoping for good results, this is amazing.  I am so pleased.  Berkhamsted Boys has been great due to the variety of opportunities.  To be able to be part of the lessons in subjects I really enjoy as well as being involved in a number of clubs and sports teams, it has been fantastic.   Duke of Edinburgh has been fun and volunteering to try new things has been enjoyable.  The expedition with friends was also a fun challenge to undertake and has offered me a good balance to have time away from my studies. I am looking forward to continuing my outdoor education at Berkhamsted Sixth.” 

Isla Duguid 9A* and an A – Berkhamsted Girls 

Isla is an outstanding sportswoman, representing the School in many sports most notably Lacrosse and Netball. In Year 11, she has been a valuable member of the 1st XII Lacrosse team, as well as being the vice-captain for the U16A Netball team, reaching the semi-finals of the regional round of National Schools. This summer, Isla has represented England U20s Lacrosse in the European Championships as part of the gold-winning squad. 

“Today’s results have been really rewarding – the hard work has really paid off.  Balancing my school work with sports has been challenging but it has helped me to relax away from my studies.  I have loved being at Berkhamsted Girls and the friendships I have made and I am looking forward to starting at Berkhamsted Sixth in September.” 

Amelia Harris 9A* and a 7  – Berkhamsted Girls

Amelia is a talented pupil who has achieved success not only in the classroom but on the stage as well as an actor and dancer. She has been a great Charity Representative, raising money for awareness of the charity Cry by organising a number of events whilst studying for her GCSEs. She has also gained her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award in Year 11. 

“It has been hard work but the results were worth it.  I have really enjoyed Berkhamsted Girls and made lots of friends.  It is the people here who make it special.  This year I was involved in organising a charity bake sale in aid of Cry which meant I needed to rally the girls across the year groups to get involved.  Many baked cakes, all of which were themed pink or red … the colour of the charity.  It was a really rewarding event at which we managed to raise a good sum of money for a very worthy cause.”  Amelia will be joining Berkhamsted Sixth in September. 

Ben Howell 10A* – Berkhamsted Boys

Ben was a House Prefect during Year 11.  He has demonstrated his commitment to trialling all that Berkhamsted has to offer with his involvement in Big Band through his musical ability on the piano and playing the trumpet.  Ben has also represented the School as part of the debating team and been a keen team member on the sports pitch.  He completed his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze in Year 11. 

 “I am really pleased with my results, it couldn’t have gone better.  I have really enjoyed Berkhamsted Boys due to the support I have received not only academically, but in playing music and taking part in sports too.  It is really nice to have the chance to get away and do other things outside of revision.  My tour with Big Band last summer was a highlight as we got to play a number of concerts in fantastic locations.”  Ben will continue his studies at Berkhamsted Sixth in September. 

Eve Sibley 10A* – Berkhamsted Girls 

Eve has demonstrated her strong organisational skills and her dedication to all that she does in combining her role as Wolstenholme’s House Captain with her sporting commitments. She is an excellent netball player and has represented the school in the 2nd XII Lacrosse team in Year 11. In addition, she has gained her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.  

“I am so happy with my results …I was not expecting to do this well!  I have been at Berkhamsted for fourteen years but I think the best part is the fact I have made friends for life here.  I have also really enjoyed participating in a range of sports which is a big interest of mine.  I have played Lacrosse and Netball but also have had the opportunity to play Cricket during the summer.   Berkhamsted is quite academic in many aspects so it has been nice to be part of a team outside of the classroom.  I am looking forward to starting at Berkhamsted Sixth in September.” 

Bella Streule 9A* and an A – Berkhamsted Girls

An exemplary House Officer in Wolstenholme, Bella has led House events with the same enthusiasm and determination she has demonstrated in the classroom and on the sports field. She has been selected for the National development squad for Lacrosse and represented England U19s on tour this summer. Given her talents, she has been a valuable asset to the 1st XII in Lacrosse and was part of the U16A Netball squad, who reached the semi-finals at the regional round of National Schools.  In addition to receiving her fantastic academic results, Bella also received notification that she has been selected to train as part of the U19 Lacrosse World Cup training squad preparing for the tournament in Canada August 2019. 

“I was really nervous about my results today but I am so happy with what I have achieved.  I have loved the environment at Berkhamsted Girls, it has been very friendly and all the teachers have been so supportive.  In addition to my studies, I went on a Lacrosse tour this summer in the US with the National development squad which was nerve wracking but turned out to be a really fun experience.  I love sport and Lacrosse has really helped to keep a balance to the challenges of studying.  I am looking forward to continuing to play for Berkhamsted at Sixth Form.” 

Scott Rolfe 9A* & 2A – Berkhamsted Boys 

Scott joined Berkhamsted as a Sports Scholar.  He has consistently played for the last three years in the 1st XI and had an outstanding season scoring his maiden School century. Scott has also excelled for Buckinghamshire Cricket Board. In addition, Scott has been a keen football player, winning the U16 Player of the Year Award.  

 “I am really happy with my results.  I have enjoyed playing sports at Berkhamsted.  The experiences and friendships it has provided are fantastic.  The academic lessons here have also been fun and the friendships have extended across the years due to the House system.  I have really enjoyed playing for the 1st XI Cricket and the opportunity to play Football for Berkhamsted and look forward to a new season of sport as part of the team from Berkhamsted Sixth.” 

Tommy Castellani 8A*, 9, 8 – Berkhamsted Boys 

Tommy’s impressive grades reflect his dedication to education and passion for the subjects he’s chosen to study.  In addition, he has completed two grade six LAMDA qualifications in Acting and Public Speaking.

Alongside this Tommy has thrown himself into School life to maximise the opportunities and his contribution to the Berkhamsted community as a Year 8 mentor for the climbing club and a senior school house captain has been invaluable.

“The School’s outdoor activities have really appealed to me. I joined Climbing Club in Year 8, and since then I have experienced many residential trips including Croatia, Stanage and Swanage.  I’ve also completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, and I’m working towards my Gold. With the experience I’ve had already, I am able to support other students and act as a mentor with younger students. These positions of responsibility are incredibly rewarding.”

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