Berkhamsted Group | 07.11.2016

Bayeux Tapestry attracts hundreds of local students

Bayeux Tapestry attracts hundreds of local students

Engaging history lesson for Year 7 Girls 

Berkhamsted School has hosted the The Alderney Bayeux
Tapestry Finale, stimulating exciting history lessons for pupils in the local

Housed at the school’s iconic Old Hall, the 10ft hand-stitched
tapestry has been on display throughout the week until its return to Alderney. 

Berkhamsted is
a historic 1066 location, and the work of art displays the phrase ‘Here at
Berchehasteda’ in reference to the place where the Saxons surrendered to
William the Conqueror.


Year 7 pupils
from Berkhamsted Girls’ School, who have been studying the Norman conquest, were
the first group to visit the tapestry.

History Teacher Lucy Simson said: “Year 7 have enjoyed
researching the Bayeux Tapestry. The Alderney Tapestry shows the pupils how the
Norman conquest is still important and relevant today, and through studying it,
the pupils are engaging with a broader debate on how historical sources are
produced and for what purpose. 

The Alderney Tapestry has also brought to life some of the key events at the
beginning of William I’s reign in a vivid illustration, including the surrender
of the Saxons here in Berkhamsted itself. Emphasising the significance of
Berkhamsted in such an important part of English History has been really

addition to the public viewing at Berkhamsted’s Civic Centre, the following schools
visited Berkhamsted School to see The Alderney Bayeux Tapestry: 



Thomas Coram Church of England School

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