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Beaming smiles and brand-new slides! Berkhamsted Prep return for Michaelmas Term

Beaming smiles and brand-new slides! Berkhamsted Prep return for Michaelmas Term

“I am feeling super excited to be back at school. Being in a new class with my new teacher is going to be really fun” said one Year 6 pupil as she headed for her first day of Michaelmas term yesterday. This pupil was not alone in her eagerness to be back at school. All around the Prep, pupils were looking forward to meeting their new teachers and, for those returning to the site, reuniting with friends, all while testing out their shiny new outdoor play equipment!

For those new to the Prep or moving up from Pre-Prep it was an exciting but apprehensive start. However, with welcoming smiles from everyone – pupils, parents and teachers alike, it made the transition into the classrooms more relaxed with some fun lessons planned to ease those first day nerves.

Throughout the morning, pupils were able to test out their new outdoor play area which includes two dazzling new slides. Getting outdoors and being adventurous is at the heart of Berkhamsted School, so it was fantastic to see the pupils enjoying the new open-air facilities.

When asked what they were most looking forwards to this year, pupils often commented on their enthusiasm to try out the upcoming opportunities to serve others. “We are going to the top of the school now, so we are going to be helping out with the younger years, like the Year 3s” commented one Year 6 pupil.

Throughout the Prep, pupils are encouraged to embrace leadership opportunities by helping with younger year groups. This opportunity gives the older years lots of opportunities to flourish into confident young people while introducing the younger pupils to the other faces around school.

The upcoming trips and opportunities for outdoor education also proved popular among pupils when asked what they were most excited about this year. “I’m looking forwards to the trip to Skern Lodge as you get to try lots of fun activities there” another pupil said.

The pupil’s excitement for the Skern Lodge trip is unsurprising as this Year 6 adventure offers pupils a chance to build their confidence, empathy, and resourcefulness through a range of activities like abseiling and archery, reflecting Berkhamsted’s emphasis on holistic pupil development through outdoor education.

It was fantastic to see the pupils back in school and ready for a new term of adventure, learning, and of course, some fun too.

Welcome back to all pupils and good luck on the year ahead.

If you are interested in finding out more about Berkhamsted Prep, please come to visit on our upcoming open days.


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