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Berkhamsted’s Prefects on building leadership skills at Induction Day

Berkhamsted’s Prefects on building leadership skills at Induction Day

Serving others and demonstrating strong leadership skills are the core characteristics of any Berkhamstedian. This week a group of Year 11 prefects put these skills into practice as they helped with our Year 7 and Year 9 induction day. Throughout the day, our prefects were responsible for showing new pupils around the school and making them comfortable in their new surroundings.   

We caught up with prefects Thomas, Emilie, Ella, and Gabrielle, who assisted with the induction day to hear about their experience and how it helped to build their own leadership skills, time-management skills, and confidence. 

Prefect helps out Year 7 pupils during induction day.

What was your role during the induction day? 

Thomas: Throughout the induction day, I was showing pupils around the school. I started by touring the new Year 7s around Castle campus. Later, I took the new pupils to Deans’ Hall where they had an assembly about their new 1:1 devices and Yondr Pouches (a pouch that restricts the use of mobile phones in designated areas across school). I then showed the Year 9s around the school before taking them to explore the library and sports facilities.  

Emilie: My day started by playing a bingo game in our tutor groups with the new pupils- this was really funny. Then we split into small groups and I gave the younger pupils a tour around the school. I had a really great time.  

Gabrielle: I spent most of the day touring the new pupils across the school. This took quite a long time because I was showing two different Year 7 English classes around. It was hard work, but I really enjoyed touring this large number of new pupils since it allowed me to get to know most of the girls, even giving me the opportunity to talk to those who were a little shy at first. This means I already recognise lots of the new pupils around school- which is great.  

Ella: I enjoyed some fun activities with the new pupils before taking them to see the classrooms where they would be having lessons from Wednesday. I got to stay with the pupils throughout the day and was even able to help the students get around the school and adjust to their new surroundings. I really enjoyed the experience because I got the chance to meet the new pupils! 

Year 11 Prefects who helped throughout induction day

What are the benefits of having Year 11s help at induction day for yourself and the younger pupils?  

Thomas: It was great to learn how to work with younger students. Showing them around and checking that they were happy helped me to develop my leadership skills.  

Emilie: The benefit of helping out at induction day is that it helps the younger students become familiarised with us older pupils. The Year 7s all know our names and a few days ago a new Year 7 even asked me how to get to the bus stop. So, the Year 7s feel comfortable to talk to us. Because of this I think that our help at the induction day has grown the younger pupil’s confidence as well as our own.  

Gabrielle: I agree with Emilie, but I also think that our presence can make the pupils more confident, not only with us, but with everyone else around school. We older students can provide a good example of how to be confident and talk to others across the school, encouraging the younger pupils to do the same. When we (the Year 11s) were talking to people from other tutor groups, this encouraged the Year 7s to do the same, encouraging them to meet people from across the school that they may not have had the confidence to speak to otherwise. 

Ella: I agree with the others, the day really helps build both our own as well as the pupils’ confidence.  

What motivated you to become a prefect and get involved with events like the induction day?  

Thomas: I wanted to get involved in induction day as I felt it give me some good experience. The induction day helped me to practice my time-management skills. During the induction day, I not only had to manage my own timetable, but the younger pupils’ as well. This was a big responsibility.  

Emilie: I was motivated to join in with the induction day because I remember what it was like to be a new pupil at the school and things can seem really scary. I remember what I needed in that moment, so it was nice to provide support for the pupils who are in that position this year.  

Gabrielle: I wanted to help at the induction day so that when I see the new pupils around school, they feel comfortable saying hello to me. As a prefect, having that close bond with the younger years is really important.  

Ella: I wanted to work the induction day because it gave me the opportunity to meet the new people around school, especially the ones in my house. Across our houses, everyone knows each other and gets along really well, so it is nice to meet the new students and welcome them to our house.  

A big thank you to all the Year 11 prefects who helped the new pupils settle into their school on induction day!   

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