Berkhamsted Group | 25.04.2016

Close run result for Year 8 Chemistry Competition

Close run result for Year 8 Chemistry Competition

For the second year running, Berkhamsted ran its hotly contested Year 8 House Chemistry Festival on Friday with a pair of Chemists eagerly competing from each Boys’ and Girls’ House for a handsome trophy.

Each team put their scientific knowledge to the test, both in theory and practice assessments.  The teams worked effectively together to form a competitive but thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for all involved.

Whilst the judges awarded points for the quality of each teams’ work, the students were treated to several explosions and exciting demonstrations. The winners of the Boys’ School competition, for the second year running were Cox’s Patrick Atkinson and James Marland clinching the trophy.  Loxwood were the runners up.

In the Girls’ School, Russell’s Elizabeth Tang and Charlotte Warne were the winners, with St David’s taking a very close second place as the team managed to score full marks in the questions section displaying their excellent knowledge – just being pipped to the post by Russell in the practical’s.  Holme managed to secure third place. 

Well done to all the girls and boys who represented their Houses a fantastic display from some potential future chemists!

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