Berkhamsted Group, Boys, Girls | 05.09.2023

Excitement and anticipation fill the school as Year 7 and Year 9 return for Induction Day

Excitement and anticipation fill the school as Year 7 and Year 9 return for Induction Day

After a refreshing summer break, it was all eagerness and enthusiasm from our new Year 7 and Year 9 cohort as they headed to both Berkhamsted’s Senior Boys’ and Girls’ Schools for induction day this week. While we warmly welcomed back the familiar faces of pupils who attended Berkhamsted Prep, it was equally wonderful to greet the new pupils joining us from schools across the country (and globe).

At the Girls’ School, friendships were quickly being formed amongst the new pupils as laughter and chatter echoed through the House rooms. Throughout the morning, the new pupils enjoyed time to digest their new timetables and to get to know their peers.

The girls even had a special guest during their first morning as Wolstenholme House were greeted by a friendly Year 11 mascot in a life-size wolf costume. Russell House were also surprised by an equally exciting- yet somewhat less lifelike- guest as they posed with a plush flamingo mascot.

While discussing their emotions towards starting the year, excitement, and naturally, a few nerves were prevalent among the pupils. A Year 7 from Stephenson House was feeling “excited to try out the sports the school has to offer, especially lacrosse”. Meanwhile a pupil from Russell House was “excited” but slightly nervous about finding their way around the school.

Over at the Boys’ school, the day began with a scavenger hunt, during which pupils were encouraged to use their teamwork skills to solve some tricky clues! The hunt provided the perfect opportunity for pupils to get to know the other pupils in their groups, while easing some nerves about finding their way around the new school.

After enjoying some lunch, the boys returned to their Houses for a ‘get to know me’ session where Year 7 pupils could find out more about their peers’ hobbies, backgrounds, and interests. During the session, one book-loving Year 7 spoke about his excitement to try out the school’s library facilities while another discussed his excitement to join the school’s football team.

While the day was packed with new faces and new experiences, the new pupils demonstrated their perseverance and affinity for new adventures by taking everything in their stride. The pupils proved themselves as true Berkhamstedians from day one.

A big thank you to all the school staff and Year 11 students who made the day a success, and good luck to the new pupils on starting the big year ahead!

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