Berkhamsted Group, Prep | 26.06.2023

Francophonie Day at the Prep

Francophonie Day at the Prep

Last week saw the Prep School celebrating the speaking of French not just in France but all around the world as they enjoyed a special Francophonie Day.

The whole school took part in a wide range of French-themed activities including: making a passport to help them travel to different French-speaking countries; creating their own Francophonie Games sports team; playing a game of Monopoly that helped them find out facts about different French-speaking countries and making a Book Creator brochure on a country of their choice.

At lunch everybody enjoyed a delicious French-themed meal –  Soupe à la crème Tomate, Poulet à la forestière, Quiche and  Profiteroles!

Years 4 to 6 also took part in an exciting Afrobeat workshop, learning about the origins and history of the genre whilst learning a dance to a song by Malian singer and activist Inna Modja. Each Year 6 class also got the opportunity to put their translation skills to the test in Food and Nutrition, as they had to translate the recipe for Croque monsieur from French to English; the delicious aromas coming from the food lab suggested they managed this successfully!

The day was an excellent chance for pupils at the Prep to learn more about French-speaking communities around the world and to gain a wider understanding of French culture. It was also a great leadership experience for the Year 6 Language Ambassadors in their final few weeks at the Prep.

Here is a chance to hear what Ellie, Lucy, Ada, Ella and Sophia, some of this year’s Language Ambassadors, had to say about the day and their experience as a language ambassador:

“This year we have really enjoyed being Language Ambassadors. There are many opportunities that you can take part in, and it doesn’t matter if you aren’t great at French – you can still be part of this amazing community! Sophia’s favourite part was the French breakfast which was a reward for the whole year, and it included croissant, pain au chocolat, apple and orange juice and some delicious hot chocolate. Ellie and Lucy’s favourite part was Francophonie day where they got to teach the other children in the school and help them complete the task. We all felt the responsibility of being a teacher. Ada’s favourite part was meeting the Pre-Prep children and helping them learn about their first steps into French. Finally, Ella’s favourite part was having the meeting about the events. In the meeting we got to eat special sour sweets which were delicious and also played French games in the library with younger years. On the whole being a language ambassador is really fun and we all recommend Y5 to sign up and have the same wonderful experience.”




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