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Harry’s Heart documentary film launch

Harry’s Heart documentary film launch

Update: Liam O’Sullivan and Donna Faulkner radio interview. 

Liam and Donna talked live on BBC 3 Counties Radio. Click here to listen to the interview on Iplayer. Coverage starts from 2 hours 35 minutes. 

There are limited tickets remaining for Friday’s documentary 

A documentary produced by  Harry’s Heart Foundation will explore the story of Harry Faulkner.

On the 7th February 2013 Harry, a super-fit 18 year old squash player from Hertfordshire and student at Berkhamsted School, tragically died from a sudden cardiac arrest whilst competing in a tournament.

Unknown to everyone, Harry had an undiagnosed heart condition that kills 12 young people in the UK each and every week. This condition is broadly known as Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS).

Produced by one of Harry’s oldest friends Liam O’Sullivan, the film aims to raise awareness through an uplifting yet educational documentary.

Liam said “Harry’s Heart is my first film project and I’m grateful I’ve been able to work on something that means so much to me personally. I always wanted to be able to do something that makes a difference and supports a good cause. ”

Since Harry’s devastating death, his family and friends have committed themselves to Harry’s Heart Foundation, in order to make diagnosis and treatment more accessible, and to prevent further fatalities.

Harry’s mother, Donna Faulkner, says: “This silent killer takes more than just a young life; it changes the lives of families forever.”

The hour-long documentary features interviews with Harry’s family and school friends, and reminds us of the promising future that lay ahead of him.

The film explore questions such as: Why was there such a lack of public awareness? Does current SDS research offer any solutions? Is ECG screening really so vitally important? We know that the tools now exist to manage the condition; death is not inevitable.

Documentary Launch  

Please join us on Friday 15 September 2017 at 7pm in Centenary Theatre (Berkhamsted School Kings Campus, Kings Road, HP4 3BG) and show your support for this campaign that is so very close to the heart of our school community:  in recent years this silent killer has not only taken the life of Harry but also OB Alex Hubbard, who died suddenly in December 2014 at the age of 21.

Tickets cost £5 and money raised will go towards continuing to raise awareness of SDS and supporting the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young, which provides a vital heart screening service for young people.

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Click here to purchase tickets. 

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