Berkhamsted Group, Heatherton | 19.03.2024

Heatherton goes litter picking!

Heatherton goes litter picking!

As part of Keep Britain Tidy’s Great Big School Clean, Heatherton Prep School in Amersham has pledged to collect 200 bags of rubbish this term. Expect to see Heatherton pupils out in the local community filling bags with litter to keep Amersham clean!

Throughout the term, pupils have filled bags with much of the waste you’d expect to find (think empty bottles, crisp packets, and food wrappers), but their most memorable litter discovery so far was the entire front of a car!

Pupils have been encouraged to continue their litter-picking efforts outside of school hours. Ten litter-picking kits (consisting of a hoop, picker and two pairs of children’s gardening gloves) are available to borrow from the School over weekends. The children have been taking part enthusiastically, sending in photos of their work to share with the School and the wider community.

To recognise their fantastic efforts, the pupils’ time spent litter picking is being counted and put towards their house point competition. A new category of Green Giving has been announced to share how much Heatherton is doing to help the environment.

Heatherton’s Litter Picking Pledge is just one of the ways the School have been working towards becoming sustainable. Heatherton’s Eco Council, a group of pupil representatives from years 2 – 6, have organised a range of activities that allow pupils to get outdoors, increase their awareness of sustainable practices, and help make their school, local area, and community an eco-friendly environment. From working with Amersham in Bloom to plant a wildflower area at Hervines Park to introducing meat-free Monday lunches every other week, pupils across the school understand they can make a difference through action and education. Through this experience, pupils are developing their skills to advocate for both the planet and themselves.

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