Berkhamsted Group | 24.04.2018

Heatherton’s High-Tech Workshop

Heatherton’s High-Tech Workshop

Heatherton’s Year 5 and 6 girls enjoyed an incredible high-tech science workshop last week. Run by Dr Veronique Morrison Iveson and Mr FiiFi Botchway from Amersham-based GE Healthcare, the girls explored how 21st century research is advancing cardiac medicine and enabling heart surgeons to identify, treat and often cure heart problems.

The highlight of the high-tech workshop was the chance for all the girls to experience virtual and augmented technology to investigate three-dimensional images of the heart, and to experience manipulating the images. They learnt how doctors will be able to more widely utilise this technology in hospitals to advance treatments in the future.

“It was such an incredible experience,” said Year 6 pupil Emma Nieboer. “We’ve been learning about the heart in our science lessons, but to be actually able to see and move a 3D pumping heart was amazing. It was so interesting to use equipment that will be used by doctors in the future.”

“This was a unique opportunity for our girls to experience cutting-edge science technology,” says Nikki Holmes, Heatherton’s Deputy Head and Head of Science. “Heatherton inspires all its pupils to aim high academically and Dr Morrison Iveson’s workshop really helped to inspire our scientists of the future.”

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