Berkhamsted Group | 06.03.2013

Off to meet the Queen!

Off to meet the Queen!

On Thursday Year 2 went to Windsor Castle in the hope of meeting the Queen. Our topic was ‘Castles and Princesses’ and the girls were very excited to have the opportunity to visit a real castle and see some of the rooms, including the King’s Bedroom. We all enjoyed learning about the people who live in castles and how they were defended, especially when Laura and Eleanor got to try on some real armour that would have been worn by knights in battle!

While the guard on duty looked very serious, the girls all liked his furry hat, but he gave us all a bit of a fright when he changed his gun to the other side. Lots of fun all round and all the nicer when our guide told the girls how very well behaved they had all been during the day.

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