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Science mural celebrates the School’s 475th anniversary

Science mural celebrates the School’s 475th anniversary
A spectacular display created by Berkhamsted pupils has been unveiled in the Science Department.

Around the time when John Incent founded the school, there was little understanding of the human body because no anatomic book had ever been created, and it was still believed that the Earth was the centre of the solar system (rather than the sun).

A newly revealed mural covering the full length of a corridor in Newcroft building represents a 475-year timeline of scientific breakthroughs and landmark dates for Berkhamsted School.

The group dubbed ‘The 475 Club’ worked week in and week out over three terms to create the piece. An array of materials and techniques were utilised including painting, printing, drawing and 3D work. Contributors ranged from younger pupils learning new techniques to Sixth Formers with prospects of studying at Art College.

Year 13’s Callum Halpin introduced Principal Richard Backhouse to the mural at the unveiling. Callum said “It was great to be involved with the 475 Club for this group project.

“Now I’ve seen it up on display, the mural looks impressive in size, you can see straight away that it’s very colourful and inviting and I’m sure passers-by will appreciate it.

“My contribution was created using acrylic paints, watercolour, crayons. For one piece of the mural, mono colour printing was particularly effective to represent the atom (Rutherford’s Model, 1911).

“Every Monday over the last three terms I’ve really enjoyed being involved in the project. It’s been great to work together with students in different year groups.”

Callum is currently studying Art at A-Level and plans to complete an art foundation course next year before studying an art-related subject at degree level.

The project was completed under the guidance of Jeannelise Edelsten (taking over from last year’s Artist-In-Residence) and supported by Biology Teacher Andrew Hopper. Jeannelise, who leaves Berkhamsted School this month to pursue her art career, used Photoshop to choreograph the collection of art and prepared the final mural design for printing.

The mural displays scientific breakthroughs that have happened since the school opened 475 years ago including:

Head of Physics Dr Steve Redman said “On behalf of the Science department, thank you to everyone involved in the 475 Club for the spectacular masterpiece that is the 475 Mural.

“The design is absolutely lovely, and it has brightened up two corridors and turned them into something for us to be proud of.”

Integrated into the mural are key dates in the School’s 475-year history, such as Berkhamsted School for Girls opening in 1888, at the time one of only a handful of schools for girls in the country.

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