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Sister Act Jr Preview

Sister Act Jr Preview

Expect fun, laughter and no shortage of dancing at the Centenary Theatre next week, as Years 7 and 8 stage their production of Sister Act Jr. Directed by Miss Thackray and choreographed by Miss Burn, the show promises to be a superb adaptation of the 1992 film and Tony-nominated Broadway musical. Pupils have been hard at work rehearsing since January, learning lines, lyrics and dance routines and showing the persistence, resilience and enthusiasm that such an ambitious production requires. The Music Department have lent plenty of support to, with involvement from Miss Valentine and Mr Bond as well as the Music Graduate Teaching Assistants.

Sister Act Jr sees disco lover Deloris Van Cartier witness a murder. Needing a place to hide, Deloris finds herself in a convent where, disguised as a nun, she soon comes up against the rigid nature of the Mother Superior. However, using her love of disco and singing and dancing talents, Deloris soon gives the convent a fresh lease of life. The downside is that her cover is blown…

The cast have been hard at work, as these rehearsal photos show.


Here to tell us a little more about the production are Ava and Gabriel, who are playing two of the show’s lead characters.

Who are you playing in Sister Act? Can you tell us a bit more about your character?

Ava: I am playing the Mother Superior. She is a grumpy old lady! She is very old-fashioned and doesn’t like newcomers. She likes everything to stay the same.

Gabriel: I play Eddie, the cop. He was at school with Deloris and he has a hidden love for her. He is quiet but does his best to protect people who need protecting.

What have been the highlights of the rehearsal process so far?

Ava: I have really loved performing the songs and watching them – they are really good and the show is really starting to come together.

Gabriel: Getting a main role in this has been such a highlight. I get to be in a show with a beautiful set and to be a part of a production just for Year 7s and 8s. I am so excited to be a part of this.

Have there been any challenges in the rehearsal process?

Ava: The biggest challenge has been that, while the set is being prepared, we have had to imagine the pews that make up a big part of the set. However, we have overcome this challenge by using music stands in place of the pews, and through some helpful choreography from Miss Burn.

Gabriel: Sometimes forgetting lines is a challenge, but there is an easy fix for that!

What are the benefits of being involved in a drama production like this?

Ava: I perform in shows outside of school, and being part of Sister Act Jr has been really helpful in preparing me for those.

Gabriel: It builds your confidence. It helps you become more confident in your ability to speak in front of lots of people. It makes me feel alive!

Finally, why should people come and watch Sister Act Jr?

Ava: It is a kid-friendly show filled with humour and lots of dramatic moments!

Gabriel: They should come and watch because it supports everybody who has worked so hard to build the show, and it will be an amazing thing for the actors and the audience to be a part of.


Sister Act Jr will be performed at the Centenary Theatre on the 14th, 15th and 16th June, starting at 7pm. Tickets are available here.


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