Berkhamsted Group | 12.10.2023

Smash Arts 24hr Musical comes to Berkhamsted

Smash Arts 24hr Musical comes to Berkhamsted

As part of our school’s continued goal to serve others, Berkhamsted are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the Smash Arts Theatre Company (a professional theatre company who produce high-quality productions) for their 24-Hour Musical at our very own Centenary Theatre this February.

In a bid to raise funds for Spread a Smile – a UK charity that work to bring laughter and joy to seriously ill children throughout the UK- Smash Arts Theatre has challenged themselves to plan and perform an entire theatre production in just 24 hours. Leading up to the production, performers will be sent hints regarding the theme of the show, but the audience members will be kept in the dark about which musical will be performed until they arrive on the day!

The Smash Arts Theatre Company were established in 2020 by theatre enthusiasts Dani Acors and Alex Williams. Since then, Smash Arts has partnered with Berkhamsted School to showcase some incredible productions such as their ‘Musical in a Week’ which saw a group of talented 8–18-year-olds stage and perform a musical in just six days! As if six days wasn’t already little time to produce a musical production, the theatre company will return to the Centenary Theatre in 2024 to produce an equally incredible performance in just 24 hours!

“The event looks set to be such an exciting initiative which will inspire everyone involved and we can’t wait to see the final production.” says Josephine Segal, Spread a Smile Co-founder.


Our Centenary Theatre is a 500-seat facility opened in 1991 to commemorate the opening of Berkhamsted Girls’ School. The superior venue is equipped to rival West End theatres in its staff and equipment, so Berkhamsted are thrilled that our wonderful facilities are being used for such a fantastic cause.

For Berkhamsted, where community spirit and serving others is at the heart of school ethos, we are delighted to have the opportunity to serve such an incredible charity and an equally incredible performing arts company through this event. We look forward to seeing the performance live at our very own Centenary Theatre- good luck to all who will be performing!

Rehearsals for the 24-Hour Musical will start at 18:30 on Friday 16 February and the performance will take place on the evening of Saturday 17 February 2024. If you’re interested in performing in or attending the show, see the Smash Arts Theatre Company Website here.

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