Berkhamsted Group, Girls | 15.12.2021

Team Building and Leadership Day with the Army

Team Building and Leadership Day with the Army

Blog written by Danielle Wates, Head of Netball at Berkhamsted

“In March 2020, just before our worlds were turned upside down our current U16 netball team won the U14 National Schools Netball Final at Stanborough School. As winners, we were gifted a team building and leadership day with the Army and after almost two years of continuous cancellations and rearrangements, the girls were finally able to take part on Tuesday 30th November.

The afternoon began with lots of excitement, as the girls (nor staff) were quite sure what to expect. After some fascinating stories and some laughs, they got to work at one of six stations in Teams Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo or Foxtrot. The six stations were manned by an Army member and run in true military fashion. The stations varied from building communication stations to exact measurements without instructions in a race against time, to getting entire teams across “canyons” using only two planks of wood and a piece of string. Of course, the girls loved the typical scramble under the net to acquire essential equipment which then had to be put into place using instructions 100m away via a walkie-talkie.

After two hours of intense teamwork, leadership and communication activities, the girls were lucky enough to have a small Q & A session with the Army, which everyone involved found incredibly inspiring and it gave the girls a small insight into what a career in the forces would be like. The day was a huge success, with all involved gaining and developing lots of great skills that will be taken and progressed throughout day-to-day life and the girls were able to participate within their teams which strengthened the bond and moral throughout the group.”

Watch: Army Day Highlights

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