Berkhamsted Group | 22.02.2017

Theatrical boost for language students.

Theatrical boost for language students.

Year 9 and 10 language students have enjoyed a Spanish performance by a production company specialising in using theatre to complement the learning of a language.

The title of the play by Onatti Productions Ltd ‘¿Cuántos me gusta tienes?’ translates to ‘How many ‘likes’ do you have?’ 

The story unravelled a social media crisis where lead character Alejandro found himself in trouble after deceiving his friends on Facebook to get more ‘likes.’

Pupils followed the dialogue performed by native Spanish speaking actors, and there were outbursts of laughter in the audience, as they understood the fast-paced jokes and humorous scenes.


There was a starring role for one Year 10 pupil who was picked out at random to perform on stage. James Green stepped up to act in the play, and displayed a great flair for Spanish language to answer the many spontaneous questions fired at him.

Head of Spanish, Anna Ashby later delivered a follow up lesson for her Year 9 class, where pupils revised and analysed the script before being testing on their freshly developed language knowledge.  

Francesca Anderson in Year 9 said, “In our follow up lesson we read through the first scene of the play and acted it out so we could have a go ourselves. Then we had a small quiz in teams on the play’s vocabulary and themes.”

 “The Onatti Productions play helped because it gave us lots of vocabulary to work on and also helped us to understand how they have conversations in Spain with their friends, this meant it helped us with pronunciation and fluency of speaking.” 

A big thank you to Ms Alyson Le Francois for organising the event not only in Spanish this term but for French students last term along a similar theme. 

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