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Togetherness and resilience have seen this cohort achieve success: A Levels 2021

Togetherness and resilience have seen this cohort achieve success: A Levels 2021

Results have yet again been plagued with much turmoil and uncertainty on a national level which has left many of our Sixth Formers achieving outstanding results during the most challenging of times.  Berkhamsted is proud of our 2021 cohort of the resilience and drive they have shown in the response to the pandemic and the determination to ensure that they have secured an outcome of not only results but of a demonstration of personal strength and diligence that is beyond any expectation.  Traits which we believe will see this generation go on to succeed in their chosen paths, traits which befit the remarkable young people our leavers’ have become. 

  2021 A Level Results   
Grade A*  A  B  C  D  E  U
Total 190 181 148 52 14 2 1
RAW % 32.3  30.8  25.2  8.8  2.4  0.3  0.1
Cumulative %  32.3  63.1  88.3  97.1  99.5  99.8  100.0

How were the results determined?

The Government Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) asked schools to assess students in place of the cancelled 2021 exams.  More information can be found here: 

Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Drive and Ambition

Berkhamsted’s Principal, Mr Richard Backhouse, stated “This diligent cohort continued to aim high during yet another year of turmoil for the examination cohorts.  They have displayed resilience, emotional intelligence, drive and ambition to succeed whilst ensuring that provided support and guidance to their peers. They have achieved these magnificent results through their sense of community and motivation to achieve together. Our 2021 leavers’ have proven to be an inspirational cohort to younger year groups and I am pleased that today their results have shown our future Sixth Formers all that can be achieved when you aim high and work collectively to support each other.” 

Martin Walker, Head of Berkhamsted Sixth said “The remarkable achievements of these students have been attained through hard work, dedication, resilience, and the determination to not let the global events affect their outcomes. Our 2021 Leavers’ have shown true character in their sense of community, not only have they had to adapt to many new ways of working and learning but have ensured that these lessons have been shared with the younger year groups to help them develop; to continue with their sense of serving others through their continued support of local and national charitable causes and their emotional support of true friendship with each other.  This cohort have certainly become remarkable young people during their time at Berkhamsted Sixth, a cohort of which we are very proud of.” 


Throughout the pandemic the Berkhamsted Schools Group has taken pride in the sense of ‘togetherness’ that our community has seen with the support of colleagues, pupils, governors and parents alike.  This strength has ensured that the education provided by Berkhamsted during such challenging times has been outstanding and we are proud of our Year 13 cohort who have demonstrated the outcome of the benefits that the community strength has provided in their results and fantastic academic achievements. 

Link to our video of ‘Togetherness’ 

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