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Trip report: Lacrosse and Netball tour offers an unrivalled cultural experience

Trip report: Lacrosse and Netball tour offers an unrivalled cultural experience

The Girls’ Physical Education Department were extremely lucky to be able to offer a Lacrosse and Netball Tour to the USA and Barbados for the third time in four years to 38 incredibly talented athletes. Travel is one of life’s privileges and we are exceptionally privileged that we are able travel across the other side of the world to compete against six different schools in lacrosse and netball respectively. We are also very fortunate to have been coached by specialist coaches at St Joseph’s University and at the National Netball Centre in Barbados.

During our stay in America, we were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to stay for two nights at Foxcroft School where we were hosted in their boarding accommodation. The school itself is set on the most beautiful location, which was very much enjoyed by all the girls playing lacrosse or many of the exciting evening activities they planned. One particular activity highlight was an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

Our second hosting experience was an opportunity to be accommodated by our second opponents at Radnor School. The girls all absolutely loved this opportunity to meet girls of a similar age sharing sporting and life experiences. After a fun but tiring day of lacrosse, all the girls were divided into groups before departing with their hosts. It was a fantastic experience to be able to immerse yourself in the American way of life and to get to know the girls off the pitch. For many, this was one of the highlights of the tour and many of the girls are still in touch! 

Top of the Rock

USA was an incredible experience. One of the unforgettable places we visited was the Top of the Rock Observation Tower; the breath taking views of the multiple skyscrapers was amazing and the perfect chance to take a group photo. The second highlight of America was the Baseball game where we witnessed the New York Yankees defeat the Tamper Bay Rays in style with eight home runs.

Barbados was a very different cultural experience but was packed with just as many fun activities.

During the day we spend time soaking up the sun and enjoy activities by the pool before getting ready for the netball matches. We also enjoyed a relaxing day at the Boatyard beach where we played basketball and relaxed in the sea. There were inflatable trampolines and a rope swing into the crystal-clear water of Barbados, which were enjoyed by both students and staff. Two highlights of the tour were the Jeep Safari where we toured around the island on open-backed jeeps. We saw many different sides of Barbados, ranging from the rural inland to the astounding views of the coast. The second highlight had to be the catamaran boat trip up the West coast. We got the opportunity to snorkel with turtles, hundreds of tropical fish by an old shipwreck and enjoy a buffet on the deck of our own catamaran. We had a great time in Barbados, topped off with a talent show on our last evening to round up a fantastic tour.

Life experience and lasting friendship

This tour was the perfect end to an extremely successful lacrosse and netball season with the U15B lacrosse team finishing as a top four school in the country and the U14 netball squad crowned National Champions. The tour has fulfilled its role in terms of development, but we have all come back with richer life experience, greater cultural awareness, and lasting friendships. As we pass one another around school, there is the quiet smile of shared experience.

by Danielle Wates, Acting Director of Girls Sport



Lacrosse Match 1: Berkhamsted B -v- Mercersburg Academy

8-13 L

Lacrosse Match 2: Berkhamsted A -v- Foxcroft

18-18 D

Lacrosse Match 3: Berkhamsted A -v- Radnor HS

5-10 L

Lacrosse Match 4:  Berkhamsted B -v- Radnor HS

3-10 L

Lacrosse Match 5: Berkhamsted A -v- Summit 9th Grade

15-8 W

Lacrosse Match 6: Berkhamsted B -v- Summit 8th Grade

4-12 L

Netball Match 7: Berkhamsted A -v- Springer U15A

16-8 W

Netball Match 8: Berkhamsted B -v- Springer U15B

15-9 W

Netball Match 9: Berkhamsted C-v- Springer U14A

5-17 L

Netball Match 10: Berkhamsted D -v- Springer U14B

8-6 W

Netball Match 11: Berkhamsted B -v- Clapham Blitz B

12-10 W

Netball Match 12: Berkhamsted A -v- Clapham Blitz A

17-14 W

Netball Match 13: Berkhamsted D -v- Unity Stars U14B

10-10 D

Netball Match 14:  Berkhamsted C -v- Unity Stars U14A

6-22 L

Netball Match 15: Berkhamsted A -v- Galaxy Stars A

21-6 W

Netball Match 16: Berkhamsted B -v- Galaxy Stars B

18-13 W

Netball Match 17: Berkhamsted C -v- Silver Raiders U14 A

19-5 W

Netball Match 18: Berkhamsted D -v- Silver Raiders U14 B

14-4 L


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