Berkhamsted Group, Heatherton | 07.02.2017

We’re Record Breakers!

We’re Record Breakers!

We’re Record Breakers!

girls are celebrating after achieving record-breaking success
in the Speech Section of the Chesham Arts Festival held at Ley Hill School on 4th

After entering the most amount of pupils we have
ever put forward for the event, every single girl achieved either a distinction
or honours certificate for their amazing efforts.

talented public-speakers also went on to be awarded first, second and third prizes
in an incredible four categories: Years 3 & 4 Storytelling; Year 4 Poetry
Performance; Years 5 & 6 Poetry Performance; and Years 5 & 6 Public

particular Heatherton pupils, Mia Moriuchi and sisters Carrie and Ellie Shield,
so impressed the judges that they were awarded trophies and were asked to
perform their pieces again at the Chesham Arts Festival Final Concert for Music
and Speech at the Elgiva Theatre in Chesham on Sunday 19th February at 3pm.

“The girls have
all worked so hard in the public speaking and poetry recitation club I run at
school,” says proud teacher and mentor Carolyn Fenton. “They all performed with
such positivity, and I was truly proud of their accomplishments.”

“I was a bit
nervous before I started,” admitted Heatherton Year 4 pupil Maddie Murray, when
asked about the experience. “I just did my best and I actually really enjoyed
it. It was worth practising every day for!”

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