Prep | 28.11.2023

Year 3 enjoy a visit from the Ancient Egyptians 

Year 3 enjoy a visit from the Ancient Egyptians 

The year is 1353 B.C. and our Year 3s- dressed head to toe in white linen and Egyptian headdresses- crept into Churchill Hall to the enchanting sound of ancient folk music. The setting (which usually serves as the Prep’s main hall) was transformed into the bustling streets of Ancient Egypt. As pupils sat down, they were greeted by a friendly session leader from History Off the Page (a team of qualified history teachers who lead engaging day lessons across the country).  

“We are currently in an Ancient Egyptian city” said the session leader to the captivated Year 3s, “Queen Nefertiti and Pharoah Akhenaten reign and they would like all of you to get to work to make some offerings for the sun god Aten”. The hall was filled with pop-up stations, each manned by a volunteer parent who kindly took the time out of their day to help out. From mummifying pegs to painting their very own shabti dolls, pupils had a vast choice of creative stations.  

The bread rolling station proved popular as the Year 3s used salt and dough to recreate the staple Egyptian food. If pupils didn’t feel like baking, the neighbouring station offered pupils the chance to make an Egyptian board game. This was another engaging activity that focused on harnessing pupils’ fine motor skills while introducing them to what daily life was like in Ancient Egypt.  

As Year 3 have been learning about Ancient Egypt in their history classes, Egyptian Day is a chance to connect with history on a deeper, more personal level. Each of the workstations is interactive and crafty, meaning pupils are given the opportunity to socialise with peers while tuning the fine motor skills that will help them thrive in other lessons from Art to P.E.  

Pupils used the session as a chance to put what they had been learning in class into practice, drawing upon facts about Ancient Egyptian life that they had learned in their lessons. When asked what material the Egyptian people used to write on “papyrus!” was shouted in unison by the pupils who were eager to show how much they had learned.  

“I’m painting an eye”, said an eager Year 3 as they recreated an Egyptian painting held up by one of the session volunteers. Heading to the next station, pupils were sharing ideas about how to best wrap a peg as a mummy. “We need to wrap it carefully!” said the pupils as they worked together to help each other create a miniature mummy.  

In the afternoon, it was time for pupils to enjoy a banquet as they gathered to hear the declaration of the Pharaoh!  

A huge thank you to all the volunteers and the fantastic team at History Off the Page who helped to bring Ancient Egypt to life for our Year 3s.  


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