Berkhamsted Group, Prep | 14.03.2024

Year 5 meet the Tudors

Year 5 meet the Tudors

Year 5 enjoyed Tudor Day this term where they leapt into the past and immersed themselves in the clothing, cuisine, and culture of a person living in the Tudor Age.  

When pupils are actively involved in their learning, they are proven to retain more information and be successful in their studies. So what better way to help pupils advance their understanding of Tudor England than to let them experience it for themselves? 

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the Prep classroom was a Tudor village. Upon entering, pupils were met with tables laced with Tudor food (think bread and grapes). The room was even filled with life-sized replicas of Tudor artefacts like the stocks.   

Pupils rotated across stations frequented by expert historians in Tudor dress. Year 5 first learned all about Tudor weaponry and saw replicas of Tudor arms from the rapier sword to chainmail armour.  

Over at the second station, pupils learned to write with a feather quill and aced writing their names in Tudor-style letters.  

Pupils even took a piece of Tudor history home with them as the expert guests showed pupils how a Tudor coin was hammered and engraved as it would have been in the Tudor Ages. Pupils each took an engraved coin home with them to remember the fun they had over the afternoon.   

Tudor Day brought Year 5’s in-class History alive. By interacting with the foods, clothing, and artefacts they study in class, this memorable and exciting experience brought Tudor England to life! 


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